Quiet Time

At Ideal Academy Public Charter School, we strive to help students actualize their fullest learning potential.  We embrace Quiet Time ™ as one of our foundational programs giving Ideal Academy PCS a unique and pre-emptive educational environment.  Our school mission is to empower all students to excel in academics, body and character enabling them to become competent and contributing global citizens.  We begin and end each day with Quiet Time ™ involving the entire school,  Pre K through 8th grade. In grades 5 through 8 students practice the Transcendental Meditation(TM) technique.  
While the older students are practicing TM the younger children are participating in quiet, settling activities.

Men Med
TM is a scientifically validated technique that develops the brain allowing the mind to be focused and alert, while at the same time helping the body to become calm and relaxed.  Research has further shown that TM helps students become more alert, focused, calm, peaceful and harmonious in their interactions with others.  Quiet Time ™ helps them to maximize their success in learning by helping
them to alleviate stress and increase their productivity. While the older students are practicing TM, the younger students simultaneously participate in quiet, settling activities.   Because of Quiet Time ™, our teachers can focus on teaching and facilitating
‚Äčlearning, instead of managing discipline issues in the classroom.

 Ladies Med
 In the Middle School
at the end of every advisory period, we celebrate student success in both Quiet Time ™ and Citizenship.  Those students who receive and “A” or “B” in both areas, are given the Quiet Time ™ Ambassador Award.  This award makes them eligible to go on special field trips (roller skating, Sky Zone, Dave & Busters, etc.) to reward and celebrate their success, and incentivize others.  Last year 60% (31/52) of our middle school students won the award, demonstrating the commitment of our student body.

We are the only school in the Washington, DC area and one of small few in the entire US that teaches children how to meditate to enhance their learning.  Our leader and principal Dr. George Rutherford brought the practice of meditation to our school and actually coined the name, Quiet Time ™.  Rena Boone, our Director of Quiet Time ,™ is committed to providing our children and staff with stellar training and skill development to maximize the impact of meditation in our school.  Quiet Time ™ gives our school family and community a value system and learning success like no other.

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