Technology And Student Achievement

The focus of our Information/ Instructional Technology program is the delivery of up to the moment, state of the art technology experiences for our students that support and enhance the commitments and energies that move us to full realization of our Philosophy of Ideal Education.

Our students use this technology to utilize, analyze and manipulate information.  The scope of their experiences range from computer basics, keyboarding, word processing, graphics and multimedia, spreadsheets, database management, internet and electronic reference.            

For the 2013-2014 school year, the vision that we have for our students is supported with a Technology System that is comprised of 255 Computer Stations.  200 of these computers are for direct student use.  We have acquired about 95% of our computers through the Computers for Learning program that was highlighted on March 23, 2011 at Kramer Middle School by the General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service National Capital Region official Charles Robinson.However, Ideal Academy has been receiving this excess equipment since at least 2005. Internet accessibility is greatly enhanced at our school with Wireless Installation. Our two computer labs consist of 38 work stations. Both are permanent in-place desktop labs used with our zelementary and Middle School students that support our extensive web-based programs, Discovery Education, Achieve 3000, ALEKS, Waterford Early Learning, PALS, DIBELS and  Stanford 10. These are innovative, balanced educational programs that incorporate  curriculum, management and assessment into powerful results driven learning systems.  They provide sets of tools that control and manage the software and enable the teachers to more effectively monitor, assess and direct the progress of each student.  These programs provide enrichment and/or remediation on an individual basis, based on on-going assessment data,  to the students.  District benchmark assessments, real time results and identified student strengths and weaknesses are provided in order to appropriately drive/adjust instruction which support readiness for the DC CAS.  Six Promethean (Smart Boards) have been added to our instructional technological thrust.  Eight  Video Projectors enhance our Media Technology.

            Student and staff data is maintained in GoEdustar, a web-based Student Information System (SIS) that includes attendance, health, grading, scheduling, transcripts, curriculum, state reporting and parent/student online access.  All of our students have a GoEdustar online account that enables students and parents to see up to the moment classroom and other school information about the student.  ProActive is the technology program introduced by the Charter School Board for maintaining and reporting student attendance.  Other supportive information programs being used this year include ALERTNOW Notification Service which allows the school to send telephone and/or e-mail messages to students/parents, staff, Board Members and anyone else to provide important information about school events and/or emergencies. Epicenter is a sophisticated software program that efficiently organizes and manages vast amounts of school information, reports and student data.  It provides for enhanced tracking of school performance, easy electronic filing of school reports and daily account of the school’s compliance status.  All information and reports requested by the DC Public Charter School Board will be electronically sent using Epicenter.           

           Our 2012 – 2013 Technology goals were partially supported by the approved $29,000.00 requested E-Rate funds that are administered by the Schools and Libraries Division of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). These funds pay from 80-90% of the cost for our Internet Access(wired and wireless), Basic Maintenance of E-Rate purchased equipment, Local and Long Distance Wired Telephone Service, Local and Long Distance Wireless and Data, and the School Website( Hosting.  The required E-Rate application forms have been submitted and we are requesting $79,260.00 to help support our 2013 – 2014 School Year Technology Program. We are requesting funding to support an update to our PBX capabilities, Voice and Data Cabling Projects.  As recently as the school year 2008 – 2009, very few DC Public Charter Schools were applying for and receiving E-Rate funds.  The DC Charter School Board sponsored an informational session  September 2010, to inform schools about the availability and the process for obtaining these funds.  Ideal Academy has been receiving these funds since the 2002 – 03 school year and through the 2012-13 school year, Ideal Academy has received $578,289.00.  To be eligible for the E-Rate Funds, the applying school must have an approved Technology Plan. Our most recent Technology Plan, which was approved by the DC Public Charter School Board, is through the 2015 school year.  Our records indicate that E-Rate funds and Computer/Technology Equipment/Supplies donations since 2003 total more than $1,458,967.00. 



     Do you know anyone who is interested in or might consider making a donation of money, goods or service to our school?  If  you do, please ask them to contact us (see contact information under Our School on the home page).