•  Artist Wanda K Whitaker visits Ideal Academy

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    Wanda K. Whitaker
    Ideal Academy Public Charter School

    One of the highlights of this year was when I was invited by an art teacher to be a guest speaker at the Ideal Academy, a charter elementary school in Washington DC. I spoke to two classes of fifth graders about art and, of course, they wanted to know if they could make money as an artist. I told them, "If art is your passion, you could make as much money as you want." Then after a guided meditation, I instructed them to draw the cover of a book about the llife of the late legendary Michael Jackson. It was such a delight to witness these young kids work so intently with their imagination. How about you? Are you using your imagination to create music or produce a video, write poetry, make art and crafts or create your vision board for 2010? If not, make it a priority for 2010 and experience a subtle change - an opening to your creative potential. Remember, the personality is "terrified," but the soul is "fearless." Go past your comfort zone. You are your own experience, anyway.
    Please visit my Web site to find out more about Anchored in Spirit and other services that we offer to help people heal themselves. In the meantime, practice random acts of kindness, love yourself, live in the NOW and make each moment as beautiful as you can!!!

    Wanda K. Whitaker
      Me with 5th Graders at Ideal Academy